• “How lucky are we? We have some of the finest musicians you can find; and they’re all supporting the next generation of jazzers. Lizzy was charismatic, playful, and sweet in voice and dance…Really…how much better can it get?”

– Jeff Parkhurst, Olympia Jazz Central

  • “It’s hard to listen to Lizzy without wanting to dance.”

– Bradford Spurr, creator of Sunday Night Swing Olympia

  • “My wife and I went to hear Lizzy Boyer, Joe Baque, Steve Luceno, and Richard Lopez last night at the Royal and really enjoyed our evening…The group did an evening of swing music tailored for dancing and they did a superb job! As always, Luceno and Baque swing like gates as rhythm workers with no need of a drummer. Lizzy was new to us, only having heard her at the Jazz Jam at Traditions the Sunday before. New to us or not, she obviously isn’t new to performing, singing and even dance instruction. She began the evening with some basic swing dance lessons and proceeded to deliver some very savvy vocal renditions of swing-era tunes. I won’t say she “belted” since that’s not her vocal style but her sense of swing and her understanding of the emotional content of these tunes was solid. For a person who loves music from this era, it’s nice to see someone in Boyer’s age group who has clearly been paying attention…They’re good. Go hear them and be prepared to dance when you get there.”

– Terry Liberty, Olympia Jazz Central (see full review here)

  • “This girl can really swing!”

– Joe Baque, professional pianist

  • “Gorgeous voice, great band. That about sums it up. We were thrilled to have them [the Rhythm Caravan] perform at our wedding. Our first dance was unforgettable. Lizzy was great with communication, figuring out our DJing needs between sets, and was a wonderful emcee.”

– Adam and Gabrielle (Review here)

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