Musician ~ DJ ~ Dance Instructor/Performer

     Lizzy has been heavily involved with music since she was a very little girl, starting with musicals at various churches and schools, and continuing with all the bands and choirs available to her throughout high school. She has sung and played with various bands in the South Sound area. You may have seen her singing down by Pike Place Market with the Pike Street Stompers in Seattle, at one of the many swing dances with Kevin Buster’s Lunch Money, Al Forno Ferruzza’s Pizzeria or the Olympia Farmer’s Market with Tarik Bentlemsani (Facebook Page here) or at The Waterstreet Cafe and Rhythm & Rye in Olympia where she has played with the cream of Olympia’s jazz scene: Joe Baque, Steve Luceno, Tommy Russell, and Dave McCrary. Lizzy’s band, The Rhythm Caravan, plays regularly around the South Sound.

killerdiller071     In 2005, Lizzy started swing dancing. It was a natural result of her love of the swing era jazz that she played in high school. She loved it so much, she was practicing for 6 to 8 hours a day for three years! In 2006, she decided to share her love with others by teaching, performing, and DJing. She traveled to teach her first workshop in San Francisco in 2007. That same year, she was invited to DJ at the Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden. Lizzy feels very fortunate to have had so many wonderful experiences that have been facilitated by music.


Lizzy has performed at:

The Olympia Farmer’s Market

Sonny Newman’s Dance Hall

The Seattle Lindy Exchange

Waid’s Haitian Bar & Restaurant

Rhythm & Rye

The Royal Lounge

WA Performing Arts Center

Alforno Ferruzza’s Pizzeria

The Waterstreet Cafe

Tradition’s Cafe

Jazz Under the Stars @ PLU

Centralia Nazarene Church

WA Performing Arts Center, Olympia


Lizzy spins vintage jazz, swing, and blues. Some of the
places she has DJ’d are:

Herrang Dance Camp, Sweden

The Grit City Ballroom, Tacoma

The Abbey, Tacoma

Century Ballroom, Seattle

Sonny Newman’s Dance Hall, Seattle

Burn Blue, Seattle

Sunday Night Swing, Olympia

Back Alley Blues, Seattle


Lizzy likes to make sure that people bring a lot away from her classes, as well as have a great time. Below is a list of some of the places she’s taught:

Kent Senior Center, Kent

Abbey Ballroom, Tacoma

Century Ballroom, Seattle

Sonny Newman’s Dance Hall, Seattle

Burn Blue, Seattle

Highway 99 Blues Club, Seattle

Through Dance It: Shorewood HS, Ballard HS, Roosevelt HS, & more!

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